Sometimes the easiest way to implement new features on a WordPress website is with a custom plugin developed by Web Assembler. There are many advantages to doing this especially if access to a website is limited or you want to ensure the code is self-contained and secure. 

WordPress plugins can be as simple or as complicated as you need them to be, and I can create a range of unbranded, white-label plugins depending on what you want to achieve.

What you will receive

Your very own Google Drive folder containing versioned zip files of your plugins for as long as you need. Any plugin updates and future development files will be added to your folder.

Plugin Ideas

Here are some examples of plugins I’ve developed for my clients

Automated username generator

A simple plugin which generated an incremental username with prefix and suffix.

Woocommerce donations

A custom donation option added to the checkout, including email confirmation.

Woocommerce registrations

An approval-based admin panel for new user registrations.

User role tools

Limit areas of WordPress based on user role (admin, editor, subscriber etc).

Woocommerce PDF File Uploader

A custom PDF file uploader which attached to custom email sent from Woocommerce.

Email testing

An admin-based email plugin to capture all emails sent from a server.

Plugins are...

Theme agnostic

Switch themes without breaking functionality.

Neat and tidy

Packaged as a versioned zip file that is self-contained.

Fully manageable

Upload to the WordPress admin or via FTP for complete control.

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