Does your website perform poorly in SEO, best practises or accessibility? Perhaps Google tells you that your site has a high FCP or your TTI is too high? I can help you make sense of these confusing terms by performing monthly updates to your website so that it meets recommended levels of performance.

I use a combination of tools to achieve this such as Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix which I will use to audit your website and formulate an upgrade plan that can be scheduled each month. In this plan I will spend up to 4 hours each month working on these upgrades and you will also have a say in what to focus on if you like.

Giving you peace of mind

Once you’ve subscribed to my monthly optimisation service, you can rest assured that at the end of the month, your website will be performing better with a customised report stating what’s been improved.

Real-life example

I recently developed a brand new WordPress website for PMR Architecture, taking them from a poorly performing Wix site to a bespoke solution. The website had a very low mobile score and a poor user experience.


The original website scored very poorly on mobile with a score of 49% over all metrics.


The finished WordPress website scored an average of 92% overall. Some individual metrics like SEO have increased to 100%.

Technical Requirements

I will need access to your website server to upload the improvements. If using wordpress I will need a login or FTP account.

What's Included?

Performance Audit

A score will be taken each month using Google Page Speed Insights and YSlow.

Scheduled development

A visual plan to keep track of past and future updates each month

Monthly Backups*

*For WordPress sites I will take a monthly backup before changes are applied.

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