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John at PMR Architecture contacted me at the beginning of 2021 asking for a complete rebuild of their existing Wix-powered website. The biggest problem they faced was the difficulty and confusion with the editing experience and the limited design options. They also found that the mobile experience was poor for visitors making new enquiries.

I spent some time looking through their website, going through each page and analysing the content and gathering screenshots as a reference. I was able to get all the performance statistics from Google and Wix which so I had a benchmark to compare once we launched the website.

The brief was to make the site look more professional and create a series of page layouts and templates that were consistent and easy to navigate.

I managed the project from initial research, creating new designs, uploading content, looking at SEO and hosting. Following a series of discovery workshops we decided on a flexible layout using blocks with plenty of interactive elements showing off their impressive architectural portfolio.


I redesigned the existing pages, and created new ones as well as a new colour palette based on the existing logo. 

Designing each webpage in detail for the relaunch.

Once the designs were signed off I started the process of populating the website on the new hosting platform and made sure each block worked as expected. I made sure that all the content was present and correct once I populated the website.

Image quality and performance

Website photography should scale well across different platforms and media, so that images look good on all types of devices. This is especially important for architectural photography, since people need to be able to see what a building looks like. Getting the balance right so that images load quickly can be tricky to figure out—especially if you want them to retain high image quality.

To ensure that users had a good experience on mobile devices, I used Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to find out where I could optimise the images and worked on changing the code until I got a good score.

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